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Although my spirit may go far away from me to all that is and is to be, let it come back to me again so i may live and journey here.



I invoke the vast and beautiful day and night, heaven and earth, the mountains, the waters.


May the intelligent and truthful, heaven and earth, defend us from ignorance and from the malignant.


We ask today this protection from God


May we hasten to celestial light, which is free from pain.


May the sounding stone drive always all evil forces


We ask today, this protection from God


May the celestial singers hymn to us


We offer an intelligent prayer for life


May the fire of transformation ignite inside us


I invoke today this protection from God


Free from illness, free from disease, free from discomfort


May those who create imbalance carry off iniquity


We offer today this protection from God


God who is entitled to the worship of men

Hear our prayers

Bestow upon us the intelligence required for healing


We ask today this protection of God

May we be free from ignorance

Free from disease

Happy in the enjoyment of life

We ask today the protection of God


Universal God





**Special Thanks to Deepak Chopra (healing meditations)